Composite Scaffold anchor with steel hook

Composite Scaffold anchor

AIRSTEPS Scaffold anchor with steel hook

We have developed the world's first scaffold-anchor in composite with steel hook! First of all it is a very light and strong material and can withstand a tension / compression of min. 1.000 kg.

Furthermore, the anchor can be produced in the color of your choosing (5 standard colors)! This means that you can easily check if all the anchors are correctly placed at long distance. At the same time the color will stand out on the scaffold, so head injury is minimized! Standard lengths that are in stock are: 40 cm, 50cm, 70cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm. However it is possible to order in other lengths. If you want to modify the length of the anchors, this can easily be done with a hand saw.

Extra security on the scaffolding! No more head injuries! The newly developed protection cap minimizes the risk of head injuries. It is easily applied and fits all pipes.

  • Specifications AIRSTEPS Scaffold anchor:

    • Standard Length: 40 cm, 50cm, 70cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm
    • Diameter: 48,3 mm
    • 5 Standard colors: red, orange, green, blue and yellow

Airsteps Scaffold anchor