3m Combi-deck

Komposit 3m Combi-deck

AIRSTEPS Composite 3m Combi-deck

Our new 3m Combi-deck is an extremely solid platform and with a built in hoisting hook and stacking function. Class 6 platform according to DIN EN 12811. The 3m Combi-platform is available with non-slip surface, can be produced in any color and be provided with own logo.

  • Specifications AIRSTEPS 3m Combi-deck:

    • Scaffold class 6 according to DIN EN 12811
    • Width: 29,5 cm
    • Length: 300 cm
    • Weight: 15 kg
    • Standard color gray
    • With non-slip surface
    • AIRSTEPS 3m Combi-deck

Airsteps 3m Combi-deck